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Who is 

Leshawn Speaks?


Who Is Terell Williams?

Terell Williams, also known as LeShawnSpeaks, has always had an inclination to the Arts. His early days included acting classes and heavy involvement in the Public Speaking Team in high school, where he received many awards for Poetry and Dramatic Interpretation. He has established himself as an accomplished Spoken Word Artist and Songwriter.


In addition, he has worked on several Stage Productions, such as "The Gift," co-wrote and edited books entitled "Daddy's Girl/The Ultimate Covering," and "Life Through Christ'is," just to name a few.


Terell has served as a coordinator of the Fine Arts Ministry at Bethlehem Judah Christian Fellowship. He is an educator and mentor who infuses the Arts in his classroom and therapy sessions with urban youth. Terell is also the founder of a class "Speak Out," which was designed to help middle school students find their voice through wiriting and public speaking. Terell has curated and conducted workshops for K-12 schools, youth advocacy programs, and corporate and community events.


  Many things are on the horizon for this writer, playwright, director and songwriter. His mission is to use the gifts that God granted him to change a hurting world, while motivating others at the same time.

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